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Enrichment Schedule


Cubs (Tk-2nd):

Indoor and outdoor Gardening

Bread Baking and Games

Cats & Lions (3rd-8th): Games and Cooking


Cubs:  Drama/puppets and

Dance OR Obstacle Course

Cats (3rd-5th):Voice OR Handyman Projects and

Strings (ukulele, guitar, etc) OR Crochet

Lions (6th & up): PIG and Fine Art


Cubs: Practical Arts and Spanish

Cats: Practical Arts  and Obstacle Course

Lions: Practical Arts and Obstacle Course


Cubs:  Life Skills and Yoga

Cats: Life skills and Acting

Lions: Life Skills and Acting


All: Nature Hike to a Park


Class descriptions**:

PA for Cubs: knitting, arts and crafts, woodworking

PA for Cats and Lions: Beading, sewing, candle making, woodwork, wax and tie dye

LS for Cubs: manners, how to make a friend, tea party, basic 1st aid, cooking and games

LS for Cats: exercise, nutrition, self-defense, acro, thank yous and sorrys, journals, games. *This class may take students off site.

LS for Lions: personal finance, shopping, cooking, entrepreneurship, leadership, 1st aid, wrap a gift, ER prep, gardening, chess. *This class may take students off site.

Handyman class for Cats: projects-indoor fort, picnic tables, shelves, garden beds, outside games, fix broken stuff.

Fine Art for Lions: Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Sculpting

Obstacle Course for Cubs: slackline, ropes, tunnels, jump box, tires, etc.

PIG (Personal Interest Group) for Lions: Student Council, Photography and Yearbook, Service to others, Fundraising, Chess, to be determined.

Strings: still to be determined, probably ukulele, guitar and banjo

**all classes subject to change

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