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Third Grade

Third grade block schedule 

Literature based English Language Arts, Math and Science.

First Semester

Literature study, Nouns, Verbs and Spelling rules.

Seasons, Calendar, Clock 

 Adjectives and Adverbs,

Times tables, Carrying and Borrowing,

and all four math processes, cooking

Second semester 

Shelters, Fibers, Clothing, Grains, Money, Measurement,

Area and Perimeter, More Literature Study and

Native Legends

Fourth Grade

Literature-based English Language Arts and Math

First semester

Local and California Geography and History

Norse Mythology and Zoology

All four math processes, times tables, multi digit multiplication and fractions 

  Second Semester

More California History and Geography, Mexican-American studies, More Norse Mythology and More Zoology, Essay writing and Long Division,

all four math processes

Fifth Grade

Literature-based English Language Arts, Math, History, Geography and Science

First Semester

Botany, Ancient Civilizations (India, Persia and Mesopotamia),

North American Geography and Decimals

Second Semester

Botany, Greek Mythology and History, Egypt,

US State reports

Factors and Factorization 


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